• Jul 04, 2019

A move from Perth to Orange has reunited two work colleagues in a colder climate.

Brad, an experienced lead designer, had worked with Forefront Services product and design manager Ron Bell in a previous role.

“We’ve known each other since about 2005,” Brad said. “Ron was one of the clients of the place I was drafting at until he started working at Forefront. My wife Rebecca and I were looking for a change and now I get to work in the same office as Ron every day.”

A new role was created for Brad in the design team at Forefront Services where he was able to introduce 3D scanning.

“We use 3D scanning for reverse engineering,” Brad explains. “In the most basic terms, it replaces the tape measure. For example, if we’re looking to replace a section of pipe, the scanner captures everything that’s there in a CAD format. We can bring the components into CAD and get all the measurements to make sure the pipe will fit and work before physically replacing it. When we make the new part, we can put it back into the scanner and check it with everything else that’s around it so there are no surprises.”

Forefront Services has been contracted to work on several projects with the build and upgrading of piping, chutes and hoppers.

“Sometimes elements need a complete redesign but still have to be compatible with the existing structure,” Brad said.

The 3D scanning makes things a lot easier because we pick up on anything that’s wrong. If we’re getting drawings from the client and we put the piece into the scanner and its’ different, we can double check, saving labour time and money.”

As well as enjoying a great work environment, Brad and his family are happy with their move East.

“Everyone’s friendly and easy to get along with at Forefront and we were prepared for the weather here. We came over in July last year to experience what Winter was like, and we’ll be right.”

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