In addition to our manufacturing facilities and site services, Forefront Services has developed in house design and engineering capabilities that deliver everything from conceptual design to detailed manufacturing drawings. Our team has years of experience in structural and mechanical design and can turn concepts into practical and workable solutions.

Forefront’s engineering services also include 3D Scanning which enhances our design capabilities by providing accurate data for reverse engineering and clash mitigation during design, manufacture and installation.

Design and Detailing

Forefront provides 3D modelling and design services for:

  • Product conceptualisation
  • Structural design and fabrication
  • Mechanical design and manufacture

3D Scanning Services:

Forefront provides 3D scanning services using terrestrial and hand-held scanning technology. These scanning services include:

  • Reverse engineering
  • Structural verification (steel member locations)

Brownfields structural and mechanical installation (clash mitigation)

  • Wear part condition monitoring

Our partners and customers

We work across a range of industries, including mining, agriculture and government agencies.