CASE STUDY – Brandown Quarry Construction Project

  • Nov 07, 2018


Forefront Services has worked on various construction projects with Brandown Pty Ltd, a market leading recycling company in Western Sydney.

In late 2016,  Forefront undertook the mechanical construction works of a crusher upgrade project.

The urgent project required significant site modification works to existing structures and equipment as well as installation of new equipment, as instructed by Simon Kelly, Recycling Engineering Manager at Brandown Quarry.

“Forefront Services put in place an experienced team to complete the contracted works,” Mr Kelly said. “This team also worked through a number of significant variations required by Brandown that arose during the project.”

A crew of six highly skilled Forefront Services employees completed the project in just three weeks.

“The onsite team management was excellent, managing the interactions with other contractors while maintaining focus in the overall project,” said Mr Kelly.

Since the completion of the crusher upgrade project, Forefront Services has completed another upgrade project at Brandown’s Recycle Plant, the fabrication and installation of picking station steelwork and modifications to the existing plant.

“Their commitment to safety, quality and timeline was as evident in this second project as it had been in the first and we look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Find out more about the Brandown Quarry Picking Station project here.



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