Jenna at the forefront of training & safety

  • Oct 02, 2018

With a Bachelor of Business (Hons) and fourteen years experience in the industry, Jenna’s expertise lies in legislation, recruitment and development programs. Her role as HSEQ Manager at Forefront Services sees her working across human resources, safety and quality assurance.

“My role is very broad at Forefront,” Jenna said. “I enjoy working here because the senior management team value safety and they support any initiatives that improve the safety at Forefront Services. I’ve only been here a short time but it’s such a positive place to work.”

Forefront Services has expanded its operations and services considerably since its establishment in 2011 when it’s initial workforce consisted of just eight people. In 2018 more than 156 full-time and part-time skilled professionals are employed at Forefront.

Forefront’s HSEQ Manager, Jenna Lawson

“It’s growing so fast and there are often issues when a business outgrows its space but, the comradery around what we’re achieving means that everyone gets in and does the work required, despite the challenges this brings.”

In a male dominated industry, Forefront Services has a strong representation of female employees within the team. Jenna believes Forefront Services values the skills of each individual within the company.

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